Hello world, and welcome to my new blog! Yes, it’s like the third time (maybe? I lose count…) I attempt to start a new blog, but this time I’m serious about it, I promise! So what’s this blog going to be about then? Well, my plan is to use this blog to give an insight into the life of a female geek. I’ll be blogging about purchases I make, commenting about stuff I read, games I play, and most importantly, showing off my projects.

So what types of things am I into that you can expect to read about in this blog? Well, of course, as you might already have guessed from all the photos in my sidebar, my main hobby LEGO building is going to be given vast space. After all, it’s what I fill most of my spare time with these days, being an AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO). Now you might think LEGO is a children’s toy, but you might change your mind if you see all the cool stuff you can do with it 😉

I’m also a computer geek (and a programmer by profession), a Linux user and open source supporter. I play games, buy lots of gizmos and gadgets, and engage in physical activities such as aikido. So expect stuff about all of those things.

You can also be sure that I’ll be talking about the interesting conversations I have with people who still struggle to understand that females can be just as geeky as males. Just recently, a guy who knows I’m a computer geek, who knows I’m deeply into LEGO, who is a computer geek and AFOL himself, was surprised when I said I played StarCraft II. Apparently, that was at an even geekier level, and I’m a girl after all! A lot of guys seem to think I’m some sort of rare breed with all this non-girly interests of mine. Maybe I am, but I’m proud to be a girl, and being a geek doesn’t make me any less of a girl (and no, I’m not a lesbian, and I’m married to a guy :P)

I think that’s enough of an introduction. Hope you’ll enjoy my blog! :)

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  1. Terje Bentsen says:

    Jeg har et mål om å bygge et større offshore konstruksjonsfartøy. Er det mulig å ha den dialog over email om dette med deg? Skulle også gjerne hatt råd om hvordan jeg kan skaffe stort kvanta av LEGO snor som kan brukes til wire på kraner.

    • Cecilie says:

      Hei, anbefaler deg å sjekke ut brikkelauget.no eller ta kontakt med Matija som er profesjonell legobygger (matija.no)

  2. Ian says:

    Hello Cecille!
    Quick question. I was recently admiring your LEGO Spinjitsu Training Dojo from some years ago, and I would like to build one similar to your own design. To prevent it from being plagiarism, I would like your permission to follow your design as closely as I can, with a couple of my own edits.
    Thank you for your time!

  3. Miss V says:

    Hello Cecilie,

    My 9-year old son came across the post below as he was searching for the Koopalings (he’s been spending the last few days drawing each of them and is really into them at the moment!).

    He is also into LEGO and would love to build them: could you let me know how we can get these pieces as, as far as I can see, there isn’t any LEGO Koopaling set available?

    It’s my son’s birthday next week and I would love to get him a surprise. :-)


    • Cecilie says:

      My Koopalings are built freely from Lego pieces in my collection, they can indeed not be bought as a set, as they are just my own creations. If you want to purchase loose Lego pieces, you can do so at bricklink.com. However, my Koopalings uses some building techniques that are untraditional, and that Lego themselves don’t use in sets, so it may be hard to figure out how they are built from my pictures.

  4. Miss V says:

    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, Cecilie!
    I’ll check out bricklink.

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