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My Roomba eats LEGO bricks

One piece of advice: if you have a Roomba (or other robotic vacuum cleaners with brushes), don’t leave any LEGO bricks lying on the floor. I try to be careful and pick up anything from the floor straight away, but … Continue reading

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Build in bag

Been a while since my last post now, guess I’ve busy. I spent last weekend at a cottage in the middle of nowhere together with members of my LUG, discussing a building project and having fun. We had a build … Continue reading

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Teaser video for N9/950 leaked

I really hope this is Nokia’s first Meego device, and that it will launch soon… *fingers crossed* But I’m not sure I dear to get my hopes up until there’s an actual official statement about this.

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LEGO “Segway”

I just love these litte fellas

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LEGO Nintendo 3DS

For those who think the 3D function is just a gimmick, why not get a LEGO 3DS instead. This version by ape the monkey is brilliant. Click the image to see it on mocpages.

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Pictures from AFOLCon 2011

I finally got around to uploading my pictures from AFOLCon 2011 in Manchester to my flickr account. You can see them all here. And a selected few included below: The Westminster Abbey on display with the royal wedding inside was … Continue reading

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Nintendo 3DS – first impressions

First impression: Yes it works, and yes it hurts… After seeing the price point of the 3DS, I decided to wait until it either dropped in price or someone gave it to me for my birthday (or christmas). However, when … Continue reading

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