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Tesla roadtrip – back to Norway from France

My last post got so long that I decided to split it in two. So here’s the tale of our journey back to Norway from France. For a little excitement on our way back to Norway, we had planned to … Continue reading

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Tesla roadtrip – Norway to France and back.

I’ve had my Tesla Model S for about one and a half year now, but the longest trip I’d had up until now was Oslo-Trondheim, which is about 500km, takes about 7 hours and has 2 supercharger stops. This June, … Continue reading

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Taking my Tesla to the mountains and back

I’ve been driving around in the car of my dreams since November now, a beautiful red Tesla Model S. But driving electric presents some challenges, at least until the infrastructure gets to a point where you don’t have to think … Continue reading

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Super Mario ambience for my Jolla

My latest phone is the Jolla phone that runs the new Sailfish OS, and it’s a very good successor to the now dead Nokia N9 Meego OS. I preordered mine as soon as it was possible, and have been happily … Continue reading

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Getting started with Python on EV3

So I’ve been diving head first into LEGO’s newest Mindstorms generation, called EV3. But seeing as I’m a Linux geek and a programmer, using LEGO’s own graphical drag-and-drop programming language from their windows/mac software was completely out of the question! … Continue reading

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Winter mountain: finishing up

I can see that the hard work on my mountain killed my blogging. I had planned to keep this updated with my progression, but I ended up spending all my free time building on it instead. The deadline was approaching … Continue reading

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Winter mountain: Placing the village, and finding the form

My mountain is slowly starting to find it’s form, and I’ve figured out a lot about how to build it, and where it will slope how steeply. I’ve also started to place the buildings in the village part of this … Continue reading

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My biggest project yet: a mountain

I’ve finally gotten started on what is definitely my biggest project yet: a winter mountain for my winter village. I already have a lot of the houses thatĀ  I will use for it, so most of the work is on … Continue reading

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A trip to the hospital

While photographing my hospital, I also had some fun taking shots from a minifig’s point of view with my phone. I tried to get good lighting inside, and I think the pictures turned out pretty OK, so here’s a little … Continue reading

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Mini hospital

Contests really make me build lots of crazy things, and the one I built the hospital for had a category for a mini building as well, so I figuredĀ  I would make a mini version of my hospital I think … Continue reading

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