A trip to the hospital

While photographing my hospital, I also had some fun taking shots from a minifig’s point of view with my phone. I tried to get good lighting inside, and I think the pictures turned out pretty OK, so here’s a little story told through those pictures.

“Whoah, that guy does not look good. I better keep my distance, in case what he has is contagious. I hope I don’t they don’t make me sit here and wait next to him…”

“Hello Sir, how may I help you?”
“Uhm, hi, I’m here to visit my daughter who was brought in earlier to give birth to my grandchild.”
“Ok, then you need to take the elevator up to the first floor…”
“Eh, sorry what, first floor? Isn’t this the first floor?”
“Well, yes, in Norway it is, but we’re speaking English now, so this is the ground floor, and you need to take the elevator up to the first floor, so that would be second floor in Norwegian then.”
“Uh, yeah, uhm, ok… and then?”
“Then you just follow the corridor, past the toilets, and walk to the end, there’s the maternity ward.”
“Ok, what room is she in?”
“You didn’t tell me her name…”
“Oh, right, it’s Johanna Hansen”
“One moment please… She’s in room 103″
“Ok, so second floor, 103, got it, thank you!”
“I thought I said first floor, I hope he presses the right button in the elevator…”

“Oh, the doctor’s office’s door is open. I wonder if he has a patient in there… No, don’t look, there could be more contagious people in there! Or maybe he’s just bracing himself to call in the sick dude in the waiting room. I bet doctor’s are afraid to catch all the diseases coming in here too…”
“Ah, there’s the elevator. Now let’s see… Second floor, was it? No, first floor, no, eh… Shit… Ok, I’ll try the 2-button.”

*elevator music*

“Hum di dum….”


“Ok, here we go…”


“Oh, this looks like the cafeteria. Did the receptionist mention that in any way? No, I thought he only said something about toilets… Maybe it wasn’t this floor after all. Hm, I could have a look around on this floor first, just to be sure. But maybe I’ll grab something to eat first, I am sort of hungry, and that croissant looks delicious.”
“Hello, can I get you anything?”
“Yes, I’ll have a croissant please.”
“Here you are Sir, that’ll be 10 bucks.”
“Let’s see… Here!”
“Thank you.”
“Btw, is the maternity ward on this floor?”
“No, it’s one floor down.”
“Ah, ok, thank you.”

“Maybe I’ll just sit over here and eat my croissant before I go down. Wouldn’t want them to think I prioritized getting some food before coming to visit. Oh man, I’m going to be such a lousy grandfather. Mmmm, this croissant is quite good. I wonder what that guy over there is here for. He’s so nicely dressed. Oh, what if he’s the hospital administrator? Nah, I doubt that.”

“Munch munch”

“Ok, that’s the end of the croissant, better head down a floor then. Time to go see my grandchild!”


“Ok, so, button 1 this time.”


“Ok, here are some toilets! So just follow this corridor then… Oh! babies! Oh, hey Dan! How is Johanna? Why aren’t you in there with her?”
“I fainted, so they threw me out…”
“She’s still in labour?”
“Yes, apparently, we’re having twins!”
“You are? Oh dear… congratulations then!”
“Yes, well, I’m a bit overwhelmed… If you want to see the first twin, it’s her right inside the window here. They don’t trust me to hold her right now because I fainted earlier, but I’m sure they’ll let you go inside and see her. I hope Johanna is ok in there though, apparently, the second twin was a bit reluctant to come out…”
“Oh my, yes, I hope she’s ok. I don’t think I should go in, I’d probably faint too! I did when Johanna was born… I’ll just go in and see the first born then. Does she have a name yet?”
“No, when we were told it was twins, we wanted to reevaluate the name we had in mind, since we now need two names.”
“I see…”

“There’s my little girl! Oh, why are you screaming? Is grandpa scary? I’m sorry I didn’t bring you anything. I doubt your parents would have wanted me to let you eat croissants anyway! Oh, there’s a water cooler out there, why didn’t I see that earlier? Hey, look Dan, your daughter is so cute! I’m sure they’ll let you come in and hold her now, have a cup of water, and you’ll be fine!”
“Is the old man saying something to me from in there? I can’t tell through the sound proof glass. I’ll just smile and nod… Maybe I’ll have a glass of water. Oh, he smiles… He must be happy to see his granddaughter.”
“That’s the spirit! He’s going to make a fine father…”

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