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Confessions of an APPathetic User

This blog post really says it all about how I feel about the apps-craze out there.Confessions of an APPathetic User | Tabula Crypticum

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Pirates of the Caribbean – The fountain of youth

The latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, along with the recent release of Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO has driven me into a bit of a Pirates of the Caribbean craze… I’ve been rewatching the old movies, listening to the … Continue reading

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Kai’s torso decal

Some people have requested my design for Kai’s torso used in my spinjitsu dojo. I’m not that happy with the design, but feel free to use it as a start. (Click pic for bigger version)

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Desucon 2011

Last weekend I attended a convention for sci-fi, fantasy and japanese culture called Desucon together with my LUG (LEGO User Group) Brikkelauget. We had been invited to have a stand with a LEGO exhibit, and even though we only got … Continue reading

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