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Taking my Tesla to the mountains and back

I’ve been driving around in the car of my dreams since November now, a beautiful red Tesla Model S. But driving electric presents some challenges, at least until the infrastructure gets to a point where you don’t have to think … Continue reading

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Super Mario ambience for my Jolla

My latest phone is the Jolla phone that runs the new Sailfish OS, and it’s a very good successor to the now dead Nokia N9 Meego OS. I preordered mine as soon as it was possible, and have been happily … Continue reading

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Wireless music – from server through phone to speakers

Been a while since I’ve blogged anything, guess I’ve been rather busy with getting my apartment ready for sale. One of the things we’ve done is to paint the bedroom and living room. And what better way to make that … Continue reading

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My new studio light

My husband was so kind and gave me a couple of studio lights for my birthday today. I really think this will greatly improve the quality of the pictures I take of my LEGO creations. Can’t wait to try I’m … Continue reading

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Confessions of an APPathetic User

This blog post really says it all about how I feel about the apps-craze out there.Confessions of an APPathetic User | Tabula Crypticum

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N9 finally announced!

Nokia’s first Meego device, N9 has finally been announced today. Hopefully, it won’t be the last… Nokia are putting large emphasis on the swiping motion that is central to the navigation in this phone. The specs are also quite good, … Continue reading

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Teaser video for N9/950 leaked

I really hope this is Nokia’s first Meego device, and that it will launch soon… *fingers crossed* But I’m not sure I dear to get my hopes up until there’s an actual official statement about this.

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Nintendo 3DS – first impressions

First impression: Yes it works, and yes it hurts… After seeing the price point of the 3DS, I decided to wait until it either dropped in price or someone gave it to me for my birthday (or christmas). However, when … Continue reading

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There’s still hope for MeeGo!

Reuters has an article today about MeeGo seeing support from other mobile handset manufacturers now that Nokia has dropped it. I’m currently a very happy owner of the N900 running Maemo, and I’m really hoping this to be true, and … Continue reading

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