Super Mario ambience for my Jolla

My latest phone is the Jolla phone that runs the new Sailfish OS, and it’s a very good successor to the now dead Nokia N9 Meego OS. I preordered mine as soon as it was possible, and have been happily using it since December :)

One particular feature of Sailfish is the use of ambiences. Now, the thing about these ambiences is that they have rather peculiar dimensions, compared to what you’d normally set as a wallpaper on your phone. In fact, the ambience has to be 540×1600 pixels. Not a lot of wallpapers out there with that dimension now, are there? The factory ambiences that were insmario_ambiencetalled on the phone are nice, but kind of boring. I haven’t found anything else interesting out there either, it’s all mostly abstract pictures/art. Time for something more geeky! 😀

So here it is, my home-made Super Mario ambience for Jolla. I just downloaded an almost empty background image from New Super Mario Bros (I think it’s from the Wii version…), stretched the sky a bit and added some underground (to reach the 1600 pixels high, and make the main image be visible on the lock screen). Then I found some other elements (beanstalk, Mario, enemies, coins) to put in there and placed them around to create a nice little scene.  What I like most about this now is that you can only see the Star coin when pulling down the top menu. If you like Mario and want a fun ambience for your Jolla, feel free to download this one. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I’m in no way a photoshop guru (actually, it’s made with Gimp). And yes, there may be some scaling of certain elements that is off. Still, it looks good on the phone :)

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