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Nintendo announces Wii U at E3

I watched the live stream from Nintendo’s E3 press conference yesterday, and when they showed their upcoming console (or rather, the new controller for it), I was both excited and sceptical. The name of the new console is Wii U. … Continue reading

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LEGO Nintendo 3DS

For those who think the 3D function is just a gimmick, why not get a LEGO 3DS instead. This version by ape the monkey is brilliant. Click the image to see it on mocpages.

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Nintendo 3DS – first impressions

First impression: Yes it works, and yes it hurts… After seeing the price point of the 3DS, I decided to wait until it either dropped in price or someone gave it to me for my birthday (or christmas). However, when … Continue reading

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Tetris heaven

I’m a frequent reader of xkcd, and wednesday’s comic seemed like a dream that would never come true. However, in less that 24 hours, someone made this dream a reality! How awesome is that?

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Motorized LEGO Starcraft 2 Siege Tank!

This is just awesome! Mark (petzoldhaus) has built a remote controlled Siege Tank from Starcraft 2 in LEGO, and it looks and behaves just like the real thing! Two of my favorite pastimes combined into one here

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When Yatzy gets too boring

A normal activity when bored on vacation is playing Yatzy. But that relies a lot on luck, and quickly gets boring. So when there’s no old people around to entertain, why not go for something more action-packed? With a Nintendo … Continue reading

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