When Yatzy gets too boring

A normal activity when bored on vacation is playing Yatzy. But that relies a lot on luck, and quickly gets boring. So when there’s no old people around to entertain, why not go for something more action-packed? With a Nintendo DS for everyone, and Worms Open Warfare 2, everything is set for a real battle! Too bad then, that the game only supports two players in single-card play, and we only have two copies of the game, so multi-card play isn’t helping either. If it weren’t for the additional problem that the game is very limited and even buggy in single-card play, we could have played in pairs, but no such luck then. But it’s still a great past time, Worms is a superb game after all. (If you’ve never played any version of it, you’ve been missing out! I remember Worms Armageddon for PC as the all time best.) Our favorite weapon btw is the sheep :) What’s yours?

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