Winter mountain: finishing up

I can see that the hard work on my mountain killed my blogging. I had planned to keep this updated with my progression, but I ended up spending all my free time building on it instead. The deadline was approaching too fast, so the stress caught me. So here’s all the further progress shots I took:

The village has taken form

Building upwards on the mountain side


Ski slope is taking shape

Closing the loop, now it’s a volcano! :P

Ski jump in place, and ski slopes and tracks in place.


Building up the steep side


Details on the mountain side, trees and cabins.

At this point I was so panicky about finishing up in last few days, I didn’t take any more progress shots. A couple of days later, the mountain was to be moved and set up at the exhibition in Telenor Arena. More on that later :)

Yes, I’ll be getting back into blogging now, and I’ll be doing some catch-up posts on what I’ve been busy with lately.

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2 Responses to Winter mountain: finishing up

  1. Looking really good, can’t wait to see the images of the complete hill!

  2. Yazmin says:

    That mountain is amazing! Would love to do something like that for our village… we just don’t have that kind of space in our house. :/

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