Pictures from AFOLCon 2011

I finally got around to uploading my pictures from AFOLCon 2011 in Manchester to my flickr account. You can see them all here. And a selected few included below:

Duncan Titmarsh gigantic yellow castle. They even built it from the original instructions!

I loved this little Flintstone-vehicle for the caveman from the series 1 collectible minifigs

Warren Elsmore's train station was very impressive.

My favorite moment of the entire trip, look at that smile!

The Westminster Abbey on display with the royal wedding inside was of course very popular. You can see my pictures of it here, and BBC’s pictures of it (which are way better than mine) here.

Other highlights were TT games model designer Carl Greatrix wonderful train layout (sorry, no overview pictures of it, only detail pictures of the trains) and LEGO designer Mark Staffords large sci-fi display. And there were lots more cool stuff too, that you can check out in my flickr stream.

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