Spinjitsu Training Temple – The inner workings

So, how do I make the stuff move in the temple I posted pictures of earlier? Figured I’d post some images detailing the inside of the moving parts.

Well, that’s it :) Credit to my husband for helping me with the last two. My brain just went into gear overload trying to work them out by myself 😛

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25 Responses to Spinjitsu Training Temple – The inner workings

  1. Joseph Lombardi says:

    Will you sell this for $200?

  2. sam says:

    dude this lego is so so cool man are you a huge fan of ninjago

  3. sam says:

    you are so awesome

  4. Phillip Evans says:

    Are You Gonna Post A Video Of How To Make It?

  5. shanand says:

    wich set do you use to build it and how many of them?

  6. sam says:

    Dude you are the best lego building ever i tried doing that with my legos turned out yours beats mine 5000% more

  7. Arthur says:

    Will you post instructions on how to make the whole thing?

  8. jm tobi says:

    can give me a example to built it plss

  9. jm tobi says:

    what lego set you us and how many???? can u show an instruction how to make the training temple plssss

  10. jm tobi says:

    oopp the (us) must be used

  11. max says:

    grat job. how did you make it.

  12. Roma Dzaky says:

    can you give us instruction how to make training temple?

  13. richard smith says:

    hey very cool i’m actually building my own.

  14. ColeDXZX says:

    I have a lot of question!!!

    1. how many $ it cost?
    2. can you do some building instruction or a stop motion puting 1 by 1 brick?
    3. how can I put the Kai torso?
    4. will you leave a comment for those question?


  15. Ondřej says:

    Good day.Want would like to ask how do I do that at the bottom of swords and axes.Than you

    • Cecilie says:

      The bottom is just attached to a turntable, but the middle axle is fixed, so when the whole thing rotates, it rotates around the middle axles, and thus creates the movements in the gears.

  16. Isaac Kim says:

    Dear Cecilie, please make a video on how to make it.I am the number 1 lego fan.I am also going to make the whole Lego Ninjago Episodes in my own creation.That means I am going to copy all the episodes like about the final battle Lloyd vs Garmadon in my own lego bricks.Show them the instructions piece by piece and say what its called beacause if I don’t have that piece than I am going to buy it online somewhere and I can not by it if I do not know what it is called.”SO PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ON HOW TO BUILD THE TRAINING TEMPLE PIECE BY PIECE!”By the way, if you do not make a video,at least get a job at the lego company, so they can make a lego set for it and so it will come with a video.Are you going to make a video or not Yes Or No. If know at least join the lego company. PLEASE REPLY!!!!! I need those instructions!!!

    • Cecilie says:

      It’s great that you want to create your own versions, but I am not going to take the time to make instructions, as that is too much work for me. I have posted pictures that should be enough to figure out how things are made, look at my other post as well, about the inner workings.

      • Isaac Kim says:

        Than ok.But you yould make an exact copy of the rooms.Like the videogame room or the kitchen or Sensei Wu’s room.And if you are not going to make instructions than at least take pictures of the bottom of the dojo and how much time did it take you to make the exact replica of the Monistary(the full dojo or the training dojo)?

  17. Joey Kaz says:

    this is awesome!

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