My sigfig and fabusigfig meet for the first time!

One of the first things I did as an AFOL was put together a sigfig. I didn’t have many minifig parts to choose from then, so I wasn’t completely happy with the result, but it has stuck around for a couple of years. I recently changed the head for one i like a bit better, but I’m still open for changing again if a new and better face shows up 😉

Now, as time moved on,  I have discovered a hidden love for the old Fabuland LEGO. And the need has thus come for a fabusigfig. And to introduce her to my sigfig, I made this little vig.

Cecilie Sigfig is out training with her swords.

She practices the martial art called Iaido, and has a daily morning practice in a japanese garden.

She is just getting warmed up, when a figure approaches from behind…

She senses a presence, and turns around, slightly startled by what she sees.
“Oh, hello, didn’t mean to sneak up on you, I was just so intrigued by your sword handling.”
“That’s OK, you new around here?”
“Yes, I’m from Fabuland, my name is Cecilie Cottontail.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Cecilie Sigfig. Want to try some sword practice with me?”
“I can?”
“Of course! Let me go get my extra swords, and we can practice together.”

“Wow, these swords are really nice.”
“Yes, they are. They come from the land of Ninjago.”
“Nice. I hope you’ll let me come here to train with you, so I can learn to handle them like you.”
“Sure thing. I train every morning, you can come as often as you like.”
“Then I’ll be here every morning!”

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