Brickfoot tribe village

I’ve been working on this for some time now, and after getting my last bricklink order with two pieces I needed for the totempole, it’s finally finished! This time I chose to do some post-processing to my pictures in gimp before uploading them, and I feel that it makes a huge difference to the presentation, so I’ll definitely be doing that from now on! But it’s quite amazing what a few auto-features can do to the color balance and lighting. Fixing the background is a lot harder, but well worth it! But enough talk, on to some pictures:

Have a look in my flickr stream for more pictures.

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4 Responses to Brickfoot tribe village

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  3. legodoughnut says:

    wow i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also the snake design is amazing. Is that a termite hill or just a rock (it reminds me of termite hill) as for that wagon its really well mwde and has a lot of detail packed into it. the totem pole is just awesome!! the teepees are so cool and that waterfall what a waterfall so majestic and strong looking so alive and roaring. if i had to describe this in one word i pick AMAZING…

    • Cecilie says:

      Thanks :)
      And it’s supposed to be a rock, but your imagination decides what you want to see 😉

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