LEGO Fan Weekend 2011

Last weekend I was in Skærbæk, Denmark at LEGO Fan Weekend. I’m still a bit tired and exhausted from coming back at 4’oclock in the morning on Tuesday, then sleeping for about 5 hours and going straight to work… but it was all worth it 😀 The event was great, and I got to display my Brickfoot Village, and my collectible minifig shelf (all 5 series!). I think I’m going to have to use panorama assist to get the whole thing into one pic when I add more series 😛

But I have to admit, Monday after the event may have been the best day of the trip, as we not only got to visit the LEGO idea house in Billund and the decoration and packaging facility (which also did minifig assembly), but we were allowed a two hour shopping spree with LEGO at around 50% discount! Needless to say, everyone went a bit crazy in there. And it was a tight fit in my car (check out this picture, taken after I had taken out our regular luggage with clothes and such…)

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