Female heroes – firefighter

October will be female heroes month! The balance of men vs women in the LEGO universe is totally skewed. The women are relegated to secondary roles and damsel in distress scenarios. An example of this is the new Marina set from LEGO. It has 5 minifigures in it, 4 male and 1 female, but the funny thing is how LEGO describes those minifiges: “Includes 5 minifigures: wind surfer, lifeguard, sailor, diver and girl “. Wait, what? 4 guys with each their role, and a girl. A girl with no role, it’s a girl! Girls don’t have roles, do they? Yes they do! But, instead of just complaining about this totally weird imbalance in the LEGO universe, I’m going to show that girls can have important roles too, with a series of MOCs with female heroes :)

First up: a firefighter heroine.

This poor bloke hadn’t replaced the batteries in his smoke detector, and so didn’t wake up when a fire started downstairs. Luckily, the neighbors saw the fire and called the fire department…

Stay tuned for more power girls :)

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