My LEGO room, a work in progress

I recently moved into my new house, and one of the big benefits of moving from a 2-room apartment to a house is the increase in the number of rooms, meaning there are now enough rooms for me to have my own LEGO room 😀

Here’s how it looked, empty. The way it will never look again 😉

Ready to be filled with LEGO!

And here’s the little closet right outside the room I’ll also be filling with LEGO, after the first batch of LEGO had been brought in.

A small fraction of my collection, stuffed in the closet.

After starting work on putting up shelves, and getting a desk (and putting some LEGO inside…), this is how it looked.

Still more shelves to put up…

After this, I started to build again and sort of haven’t put up any more shelves yet… The room is way more messy now, with LEGO all over the desk, and my modular house under construction… I really need to tidy it it up a bit so I can finish putting up shelves and actually get some organization in here 😛

More pics to come when I’ve gotten around to doing that!

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One Response to My LEGO room, a work in progress

  1. legodoughnut says:

    wow that so cool i wish i had a lego room to put mine in

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