Modular hospital: my first modular building!

I have been quite busy building lately. And I will probably be quite busy building for the coming monts as well, as I’m building lots of stuff for an event in November… But more about that later 😉

I have just finished my hospital! I used Ullevål Universitetssykehus in Oslo as inspiration for the facade, although the original is much larger than my building…

The hardest part of getting the facade right was those window arches. Took me quite some time to figure out how to get those right. I’m quite pleased with the result.

On the back I chose to emulate an expansion that had been made to the building in a more modern architecture, to break it up a little, but also to add more room inside. I think it worked quite well to serve both purposes :)

Another thing  I spent a lot of time working on for this hospital was the elevator design. A hospital has to have an elevator, and I wanted mine to actually have doors that worked and looked like real elevator doors. Not exactly easy in a tight space with LEGO. This is what the result looks like.

Click the picture for a view of the doors in the open position :) The doors are not really attached to anything, but they are locked in place on top and rests against the wall, so they don’t fall out… until the elevator is moved to another floor, then they tend to fall out easily into the elevator shaft 😛

There are lots more pictures to check out on flickr, and  I will also show some more of them here and talk about the interior and the ambulance I made for this in a later post. Stay tuned 😉

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  1. Fantastisk billedserie. Liker detaljene dine, som toalettskålene og opp/ned-lys til heisen. Stilig.

    Og når jeg kom til slutten, så jeg en rar klosse, jeg lurte på om det skulle være en maskin inne i huset en eller annen plass, men så så jeg at det var miniatyrmodellen av sykehuset. Utrolig. Stå på, jeg ser at du har stor glede av lego! 😉

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