Norwegian ambulance

I mentioned it when talking about my modular hospital, because that’s what I made it for, but I think it deserves it’s own post :) For the first time, I have created a car in LEGO I am pleased with. I have made a few feeble attempts previously, but nothing I have really wanted to show off. This time, since I was making the modular hospital for a contest, I wanted the ambulance to look good. I got some expert tips from a friend who loves to build cars, and got going.

I wanted it to look like a Mercedes Rescueline as used in Norway when I grew up in the 80s/90s, and I think I achieved the look fairly well at this scale. One of the things I would never have thought of without the help of my car loving friend is the use of those wheels. They’re actually a smaller type wheels from the tiny cars Lego make that are way smaller than minifig scale, with a motorcycle tyre on top of the original tyre. It fits perfectly, and looks great :)

The back door opens to reveal space for a stretcher, an intravenous line, a seat for a paramedic, and a defibrillitor.

See how it just fits in the gate to it’s garage in the hospital 😀

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  1. Hi. This is Cristiano from Italy.
    I am an AFOL like you (maybe you are much more AFOL then me…. 😉 ).
    I am going to complete the ICE PLANET 2002 subtheme and I would like to know, if possible and if you want of course, if you have built the ICE PLANET APARTMENT with a tech support like lego digital designer or as freelance.
    This because I like very much your version of apartment and I would like to build it as well. I had the same idea with MTRON a while ago. Here you can find my version (comments of any kind well accepted). Thanks for any answer, whatever it will be. Bye. Cris.

    • Cecilie says:

      I don’t use digital design tools for designing my MOCs, so if you want to build it, you’ll have to look at the pictures and figure it out :) Or you can try to build your own version 😉
      Your M-tron base is very nice, but it would be even cooler if it had some landscaping around it. Have you seed the M-tron display from Brickworld?

      • Hi Cecilie. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have seen the picture you linked, and also many others with incredible landscaping.
        Personally, I have some material to build up some landscapind too (rocks, parts of buildings, antennas, platforms, destroyed / old / under repair vehicles and starships) but so far I have never seen all my M-tron sets and mocs all toghether. Same for all my classic space, my blacktron 1, my unitron and futuron. I have all the official sets plus some mocs, but never pictured all toghether. Maybe one day I will arrange something… bye. Cris.

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