Kids playground

The contest for which I made the modular hospital also had a category for making a parks and recreation area that would fit into the modular standard. I chose to make a kids playground, heavily inspired by how I remember playgrounds from my own childhood.

The stripes on the pavement is an attempt at making a hopscotch court, which was not easy to emulate in this way. The icecream seller has found a good spot for selling his icecream though 😉

The yellow rocking animal thingy is attached to a flexible tube that actually makes it able to move in the way the real thing does (I do not know what those things are called, but I remember them fondly from when I was a little kid).

One of my favourite things of this playground is the swing. I was testing out a different use for that tyre, but seeing how it looked with the chain through it made me realize I had to use at as a swing attached to a tree in this way :) Also notice the kid burying his legs in the sandbox 😉

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