My sigfig and fabusigfig meet for the first time!

One of the first things I did as an AFOL was put together a sigfig. I didn’t have many minifig parts to choose from then, so I wasn’t completely happy with the result, but it has stuck around for a couple of years. I recently changed the head for one i like a bit better, but I’m still open for changing again if a new and better face shows up πŸ˜‰

Now, as time moved on,Β  I have discovered a hidden love for the old Fabuland LEGO. And the need has thus come for a fabusigfig. And to introduce her to my sigfig, I made this little vig.

Cecilie Sigfig is out training with her swords.

She practices the martial art called Iaido, and has a daily morning practice in a japanese garden.

She is just getting warmed up, when a figure approaches from behind…

She senses a presence, and turns around, slightly startled by what she sees.
“Oh, hello, didn’t mean to sneak up on you, I was just so intrigued by your sword handling.”
“That’s OK, you new around here?”
“Yes, I’m from Fabuland, my name is Cecilie Cottontail.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Cecilie Sigfig. Want to try some sword practice with me?”
“I can?”
“Of course! Let me go get my extra swords, and we can practice together.”

“Wow, these swords are really nice.”
“Yes, they are. They come from the land of Ninjago.”
“Nice. I hope you’ll let me come here to train with you, so I can learn to handle them like you.”
“Sure thing. I train every morning, you can come as often as you like.”
“Then I’ll be here every morning!”

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Human programming is human day care!

I read this strip some time ago, but today a coworker spent about a half hour trying to find it again, so I figured it would be a good idea to post it on my blog to keep it for future reference πŸ˜‰ It’s a very funny strip, at least for programmers, like me πŸ˜›

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Female heroes – ice planet researchers

This is my last in the female heroes series for a while (I actually finished it some time ago, but never got around to blogging about it). Inspired by one of my favorite LEGO sets, the Ice station odyssey, I made an ice planet base populated by only female scientists. I feel that I still need some practice in building space-stuff, as I’m not quite happy with everything in this build, but I got to experiment a bit and have some fun building space :)

I also had some fun in gimp afterwards, adding stars to the background, and I think the effect turned out OK for someone as useless with image editing software as I am πŸ˜›

My favorite part of the build is this little vehicle transporting an alien encased in ice. The vehicle itself is blatantly copied from the old official LEGO set (though with some color modifications to accommodate the parts that I have). The ice block is made up a whole bunch of 1×2 trans plates, and is inspired by one of my favorite pictures from an old LEGO catalog.

I also included a couple of play features, namely an elevator (it doesn’t work very well though :P) and a rotating door. Here’s a couple of shots of the interior.

I’m not sure what the round thing in the middle is supposed to be, but I guess it was inspired by the warp core as seen in Star Trek: Voyager (been watching a lot of that lately :P), although a warp core doesn’t make sens in a stationary base… So lets just say it’s some heating/energy thingy πŸ˜› It’s sci-fi!


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Amazing LEGO street art

The 3D effect is just stunning in this chalk drawing of something that looks like a terracotta LEGO army.

LEGO chalk street art

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Rise of the dead

Happy halloween :)

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If Linux was a car

I came across this blog post that imagines how it would go if someone with the typical Linux-hater attitude had the same attitude towards cars. Quite a funny read :)
If Linux was a car (Hater’s edition) | Michael Hall’s Blog

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Female heroes – Pirate gang

Pirates may not technically be heroes, but it’s a very non-traditional thing for girls to be, so I’ve chosen to make a little pirate island for my female pirate crew.

And a close up of the digging action.

I think I need to work some more on my photo editing skills though, the border between the MOC and the backround looks awful πŸ˜›

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Female heroes – Super Maria Sis.

With a few notable exceptions (such as Samus from the Metroid games), video game heroes tend to be men. So, what if Mario and Luigi had a sister? I present Maria, the long forgotten sister of Mario and Luigi.

Super Mario Bros. was one of my favorite games as a child (and the Super Mario games in general are still among my all time favorite games!). I really had a blast making this (especially the Goomba, whose design I am particularly happy with), and I feel an urge to expand it into a stop motion movie covering the entire first level of the original Super Mario Bros. game :)

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Female heroes – samurai

Next up in this series, I’ve created a little scene for a female samurai. This is actually a MOC that I created a few months ago, as a little extra for my Desucon display. However I never found the time to properly photograph it and showcase it as a MOC. Since I found it to be the perfect fit for my female samurai, I dug it out of it’s box and only changed one thing: the minifigs used in it.

A lone samurai one her way home from a battle where she was the only survivor. Mercenary ninjas hired to kill her lurk in the shadows, but she has already sensed their presence…

A couple of more pictures can be seen on flickr.

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Female heroes – firefighter

October will be female heroes month! The balance of men vs women in the LEGO universe is totally skewed. The women are relegated to secondary roles and damsel in distress scenarios. An example of this is the new Marina set from LEGO. It has 5 minifigures in it, 4 male and 1 female, but the funny thing is how LEGO describes those minifiges: “Includes 5 minifigures: wind surfer, lifeguard, sailor, diver and girl “. Wait, what? 4 guys with each their role, and a girl. A girl with no role, it’s a girl! Girls don’t have roles, do they? Yes they do! But, instead of just complaining about this totally weird imbalance in the LEGO universe, I’m going to show that girls can have important roles too, with a series of MOCs with female heroes :)

First up: a firefighter heroine.

This poor bloke hadn’t replaced the batteries in his smoke detector, and so didn’t wake up when a fire started downstairs. Luckily, the neighbors saw the fire and called the fire department…

Stay tuned for more power girls :)

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